Fennix Shitley

Tall, silent, and humble, this lizardfolk vows to protect any individuals he accepts as tribesmen; carries large set of chains manacled to himself


Lizardfolk Monk Lv1; (LN) (Colby)
Str 16 – VP:12 WP:36 (Thr 18)
Dex 10 – AC:13 (Hide +3, Dex +0); FlFt: 13; Touch: 10
Con 18 – DR: – SR: –
Int 10 – Fort +6
Wis 16 – Ref +2
Cha 13 – Will +5

Skills: ACP (-3); Languages: Common, Draconic
Appraise +0
Bluff +1
Knowledge +0
Stealth +0 (-3)
Perception +7
Spellcraft +0
Survival +3
Swim +12

– Jutte
– Monk’s Spade

Armor: Hide Armor


Fennix hatched under a very rare set of stars. The Shaman of the tribe saw that he was destined for hardships and suffering, but was destined for greatness as well. Knowing that their child would need tremendous discipline they sent him away to the marshlands for eighteen years where he would learn the monk’s discipline. He was by far not the brightest pupil they had, but he was strong, vigorous and took every lesson to heart. Upon reaching maturity and demonstrating he had learned what the elders wished him to learn he was given sacred tenants to uphold and sent back into the world. He returned to his native jungle to find that colonists had been moving into the area and routing out tribes of his kind. He joined his tribesmen and began defending his people.

As the colonies fleshed themselves out and the population grew and expanded Fennix and his tribesmen fought to protect their ancestral lands. When the colonies began to win out the Lizardfolk of the area were either eradicated or enslaved. Fennix finally managed to escape after several years of slavery and began to wander the country, searching for tribes and doing what he could to assist in their survival. Having seen many tribes fall Fennix bound himself in chains and donned restrictive armor to always remember there were those being oppressed and to remind himself that even those who are oppressed can overcome their weaknesses.

1) Oppose slavery when capable. Do this by freeing slaves, defending the oppressed, or anything else that ensures the freedom of the weak
2) Defend the young. Our race is dwindling, if one of your own is in need you must do your best to ensure his continued survival
3) A strong person cannot be moved. Seek to perfect oneself. Any chance to strengthen one’s mind, body or soul should never be passed up. Remember, the clever rat escapes the trap, the strong rat survives the trap. Both are live rats.
4) Every living creature has it’s purpose, it would be sinful to waste that. Always find a use for a slain animal, consume some form of meat at least once per week. To do so is to continue the circle of life
5) The marshland is our mother and we do well to remember our roots. Once a year one must journey to a marsh or a swamp and fast for a week. This is the only time in which the fourth tenant may be forgone.
6) Oaths are sacred and must not be broken. If you give your word to anything, your vow must be kept least you stray from the path of discipline.
7) Each day you must spend a solid three hours in meditation. This is important as it forces you to remain disciplined and keeps you sharply focused.

Tenants may be added as you find cause, but failure to adhere to any of these tenants or any tenant you accept on top of these dictates a full twenty four hours of meditation performed upon a bed of sharp rocks. Failure to break the seventh tenant shows negligence to our ways and demonstrates slipping towards chaos.

Fennix Shitley

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