Mork (John), Half-orc Artificer Lv1


Mork was the product of an alcohol fueled fling between a wizardess and an ork laborer contracted to build an addition to her laboratory. One might expect at this point to hear how she raised him to know the values of kindness and compassion. One would be wrong. It’s not that she did the opposite mind you, but when it came right down to it she was a person of average temperament who had a bit more curiosity about the world than most and so this was the model that Mork had growing up. A child can’t avoid developing a sense of curiosity when surrounded by bubbling magical apparati, spell books, and brightly colored vials of liquids. Whereas other children licked yellow paint thinking it would taste like bananas, Mork got to drink various magical concoctions (under the same sort of assumption).

The thing is, paint makes you heave and then you’re done. Potions… ‘change’ things. Not to mention they sometimes actually do taste fruity. Thus it was Mork’s physiological development was alchemically altered. The result is a large, surly, energetic, and above all highly intelligent half-orc with the constitution of any old human. In fact his mother was actually inspired to undertake a study on the effects of long term alchemical saturation on child development using squirrels… But I digress, at age 19 he finally became too curious about the outside world and has set out to see some interesting stuff and get ideas for things to build. Gods help us, the worlds will soon hear the name of Mork. Probably accompanied by explosions.


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